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05 January 2011


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Hey Josie

Really sorry I won't be at the event - looks like it's going to be a fantastic session.

I've not had chance to create an updated revision yet, but this paper from last year (http://api.ning.com/files/HuQkkj6udsJcFKtz6fq-fGFnVrNLLFcfzVNe2Un*s-zudi7ZAld64V1qG2oQXp6KXqP9ikxOxNHhEYjQGyO7MTDLNlschFaU/LocationBasedServicesDraft0.2.pdf)on location based services might be of interest for the session - trying to put forward the idea that services working with young people need to think about their proactive engagement with location services - as well as having providers and third-parties think about safety guidance.

Still hoping to turn around a revised (non Plings-specific) version in the next few weeks.

All the best


Really sorry not to have you there on Tuesday Tim. Thanks for including the link - hope more people read your paper & very much look forward to the next draft. I produced an outline e-Safety Geolocation research/guidance paper back in May 2010, it had to be put on the back burner due to an insane schedule. Be good to compare notes at some point soon - either when you're next in Leicester or I'm next in Oxford?
Best, Josie

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