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23 November 2010


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The problem I see is what everyone seems to ignore... the fact that the current infrastructure can't cope. We can't expect to get people online when nearly every website has timeouts. A third of the country can't get a fit for purpose connection. Presumably the people online writing blogs and making policy decisions have decent enough access, but don't forget the millions that don't. Many around here still stuck on dial up. Its time to cut through the BT and Ofcom BS and light the fibre to the rural areas. Once that is done the urban areas will get a better connection too. This can be done by the communities if government can make a level playing field. BT are too keen to protect their copper cabal that is holding back innovation and crippling our budding digital economy. A phone network can never deliver next generation access. We need fibre to the home for everyone.
just saying.

Hi Chris & thanks for this - you are absolutely right of course. Connectivity and infrastructure are fundamental issues, without which arguments about meaningful vs tickbox engagement are a bit pointless.

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