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03 June 2010


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Many congratulations - it sounds pretty challenging ... but exciting :-)

Congrats Josie! As we used to say in Italy a long long time ago "Ad Maiora"!

All the very best of luck in the new venture, Josie. It was a great pleasure to work with you on JISC Emerge and I think Leicester City Council is going to benefit greatly from your expertise.

Congratulations Josie!
Hope we could keep your help for the SAPO Campus ShaPLE project :)

Congrats Josie sounds like an interesting gig - though I do like the fact you are getting into the public sector just at the time everyone else is scarpering :)

This sounds like a great opportunity to make a real I
impact in your local community. Good luck, hopefully we'll still bump into you in all the usual online spots.

Excellent news! Leicester is a very lucky city :)

Josie - Luis just took the words from my mouth. Lucky Leicester, indeed. Look forward to hearing more :)

Many, many congratulations Josie :-)

Wow - out of breath just reading this! Huge congrats Josie! (But then you knew that already ;-)
Very excited about your next moves...

Congratulations, best of luck!
I'm sure you'll do great things in the new job :-))

Good luck with the new opportunity and focus :-)

Huge, huge thanks to you all fr yr kind & thoughtful words. Ad Maiora indeed :)

Congratulations, and like everyone else I'm really pleased to hear of your success and that you are making such meaningful contributions in really important areas. :)

May you have a fabulous, productive, learning time in your new adventure!

Aw, huge thanks Stephen & Nancy. As for so many others, you've both been professionally huge inspirations, & personally, totally lovely people. Thanks for taking the time to comment - it means a lot :)

Very cool! Congrats!

Thanks Alice :) Might see you at the C4 edu conf?

LCC won't know what's hit it!

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