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22 November 2009


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I must admit that getting a recent prod from Facebook suggesting that I should 'reconnect' with a 'friend' who has actually been dead for the last few months took me slightly by surprise :-) Of course, Facebook had no way of knowing this without some kind of outside intervention.

I agree that there are some interesting issues here, particularly about how we should plan for helping other people to deal with our digital identity after we die.

The converse question is about how we should respond when our friends die. For example, should you unfollow/unfriend people that you know who have died if their old social presence hasn't been dealt with in some way by their relatives?

The notion of 'friend' persists - the notion of 'follow' kinda doesn't. But that's probably reading too much into those two words!

Have you read Sum by David Eagleman? One of the stories is about a digital afterlife.
Also this story tugged my heartstrings earlier this week: http://www.unknownnews.org/DannellLites.html

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