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24 December 2008


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Glad to be of service! I actually enjoyed the quiz, and would have said yes to the cats had it not been for an allergic kid.

Anyway, have a quick early christmas present in the shape of the 'rea' food chain! http://www.ollymoss.com/art/foodchain.jpg


thanks for that.
I am surprised that with all the devotion of your followers only 90 responded. It looked like you had more atts than submits.

One thing I'd like to note: I just registered myself as an organ donor. That's your brownie point. So happy holidays!

Thanks fr the added zombie Mr. W!

Hey Yish, only 90 were allowed to respond, I know a lot more tried & couldn't submit. And great news on the organ donor front :) I'm donating anything still viable.

love this :-) Hate cats though - am allergic to them but would probably hate them anyway because they're so 'aloof'!

It would have been interesting (but far too time consuming) to have compared responses to the survey with responses to the same questions sent directly out on Twitter.

I trust you've made a note of where to go for your 62 beers?

Have to agree with Mike - I'd have turned you down on the cats too! (Though, if you'd been offering a dog...)

@Emmadw - you can have our dog!

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