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11 September 2008


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yea! you rock. well-deserved.

Congratulations Jose!

Congratulations! Em x

Congrats Josie, you're a star! Very well-earned

Congratulations Josie! Well done, and you certainly deserve it!

No more than you deserved Josie - well done!

Thanks for the congrats everyone, they're making me giddy but really appreciated :) Hope to clink a glass in 3D sometime Alec & Alan, and say thanks to you both for being there when I started out.

Congratulations Josie, you deserve it.


Sorry I missed your moment and the whole thing this year.

Congratulations, Josie! (And nice post! :-))

Kudos Josie!
The Web 2.0 Muse Award was already in your hands!!!
Cheers from Dubai Airport (coming back home finally),

Josie Josie Josie!

Congrats Josie, this is really well deserved.

Thanks guys - I've been blown away by how supportive everyone has been. Luca, hope to see you soon & glad you'll be back with your boy sooner. Ta Damien :)
& Thanks Scott, you're one of those inspirational edubloggers who have got me here.

Congrats, Josie! You more than deserved it. Keep on shining and showing the way :-)

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