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24 September 2008


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The 'being there' concept is a good way of describing the Residents approach to the web. Maybe this is a useful starting point for discussing the nature and importance of New Media Literacies.

How weird - I was idly contemplating that the digital natives thing is a poor excuse for people not trying, and then finally ended up here and I met you yesterday!

Regarding the post, I didn't really identify with being a 'resident' but I think you cover that quite well in so far as people can switch roles.

Not being especially poetic though, really I just regard the web as a tool and I think that perhaps when its considered as a 'world' it maybe makes too many people feel like aliens!

Hi Mike. I think you've hit on an important point - most information civilians probably feel weird about the idea of being resident in an online environment. But, I guess if you asked "does your online activity involve any emotional engagement in addition to simply carrying out tasks" (although of course you wouldn't ask it in quite that way) most people would identify at least moments when something online has made them laugh or get angry. Social Networking Services are frameworks for fostering that kind of emotional engagement & connectivity, so many people visit sites for pleasure as well as for the business of connecting - I'd argue these are all resident behavioral traits. Why I think this scale potentially works so well is that it can cover the nuances in engagement that apply to most non-geeky people's experience.

@Dave - hi Dave! I really think it's a framework that can carry a lot of weight. Once you've identified resident scales and characteristics for example, you may have a lot of higher level digital literacy competencies mapped, since lots of these are going to involve online collaboration. You need to do some more work!

Great article. That is kind of a creepy leaf though.

Hi Josie,

“Although many have found the terms useful … the distinction between digital natives and digital immigrants will become less relevant … I suggest we think in terms of digital wisdom.”

Who says this? Why Marc Prensky of course! It looks like Marc wants to move on as well, this digital dichotomy of his has been a bit of a poisoned chalice and he has a lot of stick from it (some of it justified and some of it not).

But is the term "digital wisdom" just another oxymoron?

Source: Prensky, M. (2009).”H. Sapiens Digital: From Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom”. Innovate, 5(3).

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