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25 July 2008


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You may want to add to 'Open Source Virtual Worlds':

A Virtual Worlds Server which can be used for creating and deploying 3D Virtual Environments. Compatible with the Second Life client.

Thanks for the heads up:) I'll add in suggested extra software once I've had time to go check it out.

http://davecormier.com/edblog/category/opensim/ might want to start checking it out here J.


Thanks for the links & the enthusiasm D :) I've amended the list.

Thanks for the wonderful list!! I wasn't aware of all the opensource virtual world apps/platforms. Wow! And of particular interest to me is Buddy Press. That's one project that looks very promising for those of us having groups of students contribute to one blog and yet, want a little something more. Nice work!

check out http://osliving.com/index.php: an index of OSS, and itself an open-content, social platform.
Lots of stuff already listed and ranked, so in true OS spirit, maybe better to contribute than to compete?indexed

there's also the growing wave of citizen journalism sites, e.g.http://www.nowpublic.com/

Thanks for the excellent links Yish - certainly not trying to compete, really just trying to provide something that's reasonably accessible to people new to OS social software, and run through the variety of apps out there :)

Considering that there are now so many social networks catering to such a wide range of niches, my biggest problem is finding ones relevant to me and related to my specific interests or product niches. Google seems to be inefficient and returns alot of irrelevant results. A good resource that I use to find them is this search engine for social networks called FindASocialNetwork.com

Hi David. Checked out your site but the results were only so-so for a search on 'Open Source', a lot of groups etc in there rather than actual platforms and applications. My ad rates are very reasonable however.

Nice list, Josie. What are your thoughts on how this software has evolved, though? I've been thinking about it, and it feels like there's so much more progress to be made. I've written a post on what would happen if/when trends like emphasis on collaboration, increased bandwidth availability, and structured contact data all collide. I think that's when we get True Social Software: http://socialstrategist.com/2008/02/19/true-social-software-snss-of-2010-part-ii

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I like your post very much - really thought provoking, especially for me as someone working outside of a FLOSS software community structure. Comments are switched off though! Would love to talk with you some more about the idea of a 'true' SS - is it useful/how useful is it to have one? What does it prohibit? etc :)

You may want to add OpenWack to your list: http://www.skalfa.com/openwack/

Nice compilation... you might want to add the floss Social Networking software "Noosfero" to your list - http://www.colivre.coop.br/Noosfero/WebHome

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