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29 March 2008


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Good post!

Why thank you Damien :) It's kind of nice to be back in my own yard. I'm sure it's around my 4th blogging birthday soon - must celebrate.

Fully agree with Damien!
I'm still trying to get my head round Facebook's new permissions... while I know that people have said that Elgg's are confusing, I can't see that Facebook's are easier; and certainly seem to be less flexible. I've done my best, honest, to forget all I've learnt from Elgg & to treat it as something new ... but I'm still confused!

I do love all this stuff about privacy and permissions but for some bizarre reason that I can't possibly explain, the language of fans http://www.averyl.com/attic/fans.htm popped into my head.
Do you think there is scope for fan icons on Facebook profiles?

Lol @Frances - maybe Beacon would have had a less bumpy ride if it was clearly marked with a 'twirling the fan in the left hand' animation. Facebook permissions are notoriously granular - a fact not overlooked by the Information Commissioner's office. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7196803.stm
At the time Dave Evan's pledged ""One of the things that we'll be working with the sites to achieve is to get better quality information to users to make it absolutely clear to people what exactly will happen to their information once it's posted."
I'm not entirely convinced that this has happened. The serious issue here of course is the one raised by UK data protection law - under which children and young people are accorded the same rights as adults to be confident that they understand what is happening with their data, particularly who it's visible too. If grown EdTechs have a tough time figuring it out it's obviously not clear enough.

Just to comment that Facebook also supports something between 'Friends' and 'Public' which is 'Network' - I guess this is like a limited public, where people in your network or community can share.

In terms of educational stuff we might want to be able to share things across a class or cohort, even if no everyone in that group is a 'friend'

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