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16 January 2008


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Thanks so much for your rebuttal of Hodgkinson's points. I felt confused after reading his article because my liking to read Status Updates on Facebook and my lo-o-ove of reading Twitter (where I found this link)were somehow reprehensible. I thought I was keeping in touch with people I don't see often (we're already friends/relatives) or learning informally from people whose knowledge I respected. My first social network was Elgg/EduSpaces, so I have high taste and standards;->. I feel more in contact, because of social networks, and I love the learning possibilities.

I have been meaning to post about this article. Thanks for kicking me into it. Good points Josie - here are mine http://elgg.jiscemerge.org.uk/francesbell/weblog/1154.html

Ok, this was one of the tabs that was open and I read all the way down thinking "this person is making great points" and it was you. I maybe should read the url first before I read these things or maybe not? :) Great post

Thanks very much for this. I skimmed the Hodgekinson piece too. I'll go back and read it more carefully later, not the bits where he slags off people who uses facebook but the bits where he talks about the people behind facebook.
Personally, I am very grateful for social networks because I've been able to get back in touch with mates that I haven't seen in years. I've really enjoyed interacting with them again. Facebook has also been useful for me professionally as many members are also teachers and they post links and form groups that are very useful.
Finally, facebook doesn't keep me from going to the pub - my wife does ;)

Agree with all of your point, even 2 years later, except the first. Facebook does not have a 'problem of association' with peter thiel. he sits at the head of the table at every board meeting and actively drives his agenda of breaking down national sovereignty through superceding it with virtual interaction, as he did with paypal I use facebook too despite this, but just understand that peter is looking 10 moves ahead to a day when facebook is the only important ID you have (or some other such fantasy that he could make reality). You've been warned.

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