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20 October 2007


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The granularity of Facebook seems to have improved since I started looking at it - or perhaps I understand it better! Whichever is the case, it doesn't seem to have the flexibility of Elgg - though even there there are things I'd improve.

Sounds like a great event. But what was the central "debate" topic?

What an excellent question Daniel - and one a surprisingly few people have asked. The official version is to "explore and challenge the various ideas currently being touted in blogs and mainstream media, as well as bring you an insight into the plethora of Facebook stories: brands who have worked within the Facebook walls effectively and those who have not." - and from that you can see it was pretty much framed in terms of markets, pr and development opportunities. You could be harsh and boil it down to “is FaceBook worth investing in or not?” The majority of the (non-geek) people there that I spoke to were using fb personally, or in a fairly tentative work way, and looking to evaluate either business or client opportunities.

I’m guessing that The Great Facebook Discussion didn’t have quite the same ring for what was the first UK public event focusing on fb, but the approach taken was pretty discursive.

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