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07 April 2007


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Ah, I've been in touch with Bee but not around around for long enough to sort something out, so thanks for arranging this, Josie. See you a week Tuesday then.

My pleasure Andy - really looking forward to it. Please do spread the word!

Hope to be there for a drink at the beginning -- looking forward to it!

Hi Josie,
Thanks for arranging it. This is going to be FUN! I am already on European shores - have just come back to Barcelona after spending Easter travelling around Cambrils and Horta. Flying to Paris next WE and will be in London on Monday end of the afternoon.Yay! Looking forward to meeting you all.


How I wish? Seems all the good meetings take place on the other side of the pond! I'll be wishing I was there. Kelly

Well, unlike Kelly, I'm on the right side of the pond ... but teaching till gone 5 doesn't really give me time to get up to London - which is a shame.

Who knows, I might manage to chuck the students out early & come, but I doubt it somehow!

Hi Josie,

Hope to be there earlyish, transport permitting ("One Railways would like to apologise for the delay to your journey").

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