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10 February 2007


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Hey Josie - what's a with booth babe?
My favourite technology and gender stereotype site is http://www.firebox.com/category/boystoys

Here is a little extract to give you a flavour

"Snackshotz - £12.95
Dog treat delivery system
Why waste energy hurling dog treats when you can fire them from this nifty little launcher? Simply load it with tasty Disco dog treats and guffaw as your bow wow runs, jumps and chomps down the delicious ammo. With a 12ft range, Rover will be satisfied and dog tired."

Hi Frances - booth babes are women hired by companies at big expos to reel in their male customers.


Is a good intro, I'll put the link into the text. Also, try searching for 'boothbabe' in Flickr.

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