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June 18, 2006


EFL Geek

Actually I think it is really difficult to have a genuinely unique and atractive moodle. The colors or background images can be different but the look will always be the same due to the structure of the moodle site.

I've found a few themes that I like, but they don't really look different from each other. If you figure out the secret please share.

Andy Diament

Have a look at the free moodle templates at


I agree that they will have the same underlying moodle structure, but may give you a very different appearance.


I've been able to tweak a moodle theme to my liking and improved the look by adding some flash to the front page.


Will Taylor

It is very easy to work the CSS & stylesheets for existing themes to modify them as you wish, as well as to plug in your own header images - this from a real novice at CSS & php, it's really much easier that it seems. I'd recommend starting from the "Formal White" theme, or from the very nice 2-column "Kubric"-like orangechoc theme. The orangechoc theme comes with a great "readme" file describing customization in detail.

If this feels beyond your coding skills, you most certainly can find a student who excels at this kind of stuff - generally the younger the better ;^)

- will taylor

Chris West

I've been working hard over the last few months to make our Moodle site look less like a Moodle site. Whilst teaching my A-level students about web design I realised that our very own website was such a poor example. There seems to be a whole generation of Moodle sites that look identical. Poor design obviously doesn't affect learning but some of Moodle's design makes it function less well - no global navigation, inconsistent breadcrumb etc.

Patrick Malley

I know this post is quite old, and perhaps this site is no longer updated, but since I ran across this post, I feel obligated to post! I am a teacher and Moodle admin at my school. This summer, I set out to make a collection of Moodle themes that I think speak to the flexibility of the Moodle platform. These themes are not your typical Moodle! Check them out: http://newschoollearning.com

Moodle Themes

Check this site for attractive moodle themes



Hi! I just would like to inform NineHub.com provides free Moodle hosting. Please check it. Cheers.

Free Moodle Theme

A Moodle theme which is free for everybody, preview it, download it and enjoy it!

Also available is an icon pack I put together which again is released for free.


Another free Moodle Theme, designed for 1.8 but i beleive will work with 1.9.

Its free, looks good and also has a custom icon set!


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