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Sunday, October 08, 2006



I think we're actually in agreement :-) I think I'm more bothered by the people who don't want to try to push things forwards in different directions than anything else!


Thanks for your post Juliette - exactly the kinds of questions we need to be asking, and kicked my ass to write some thoughts down :-)

Eylan Ezekiel

Hi Josie,

I have recently left the employ of the Primary and Secondary National Strategies, where the 'Personalisation Debate' is in full swing.

I am now working as a consultant, to a range of clients, including publishers and charities who create content for schools and, more broadly, those who want to 'learning content'.

In the blogs I have been reading over the past few days, (including your own, Miles Berry, et al) I am finding a hole in the discussion.

Do you know where the debate around the 'content' is happening? OK - there are many interesting debates about platforms, open source, pedagogy/androgogy, etc -

BUT I have not found links to where folk are talking about issues (such as quality assurance) around the material that currently stimulates most learning (formal and informal.

I am currently in the process of getting my own site up and running, but want to get up to speed on what is already out here in the blogosphere.

I'd like to join the Edublogger group too!

Thanks to you, and your buddies, for all the interesting reading so far. I hope I can help inform the debate too, over the next few weeks.

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