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Monday, August 28, 2006


Ewan McIntosh

Don't forget the ScotEduBlog meetup on September 20 at SETT. TeachMeet06 can be signed up to at:


Christopher D. Sessums

Looking forward to the meet-up. See you soon.


Seb Schmoller

Thanks for highlighting this.

Frances Bell

Will be there Josie. I have been asked to write something up about ALT-C for ALT newsletter (not quite sure what yet) and so I intend to blog it and eavesdrop on others blogs to make it easier.
My (newish) blog is at http://elgg.net/francesbell/weblog in case you want to come and post comments once I get started.


Looking forward to seeing you all! Looks like we may be doing an informal edublogging session/catchup early on in the evening, before too much drinking takes place.

See you Tues!


Bit far from Portsmouth ... I'll be there in Spirit!

James Clay

So you're still alive then?



Nice to see you at the conference, didn't make the blog meet as I was a) Ghost tour b) have only today found out about it...

Ah well.

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