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Monday, July 03, 2006



The only ones I've taken part in were in Breeze, which had the advantage that participants could chat (literally), but with a phone (or I think you could use a mike). That seemed to make the speaking easier, (and I think can get over potential firewall problems).

David Jacobs

I second the Breeze recommendation.


i have one question.. when is the closing date????

Leon Cych

Try this as well Josie:



Luca De Santis

This is an old post but the subject may still be of interest to many. There's an open source videoconferencing & application sharing solution called DimDim. It's still in alpha quality and by now it works only on (grrr...) Internet Explorer 6 on Windows (XP/2000/2003). The final product should be ready for the first quarter 2007. It might be worth the wait...
Ciao Josie,


Thanks for that Luca - I'll be sure to check it out (at work lol). Ciao!

David Corcoran

If you are looking to do video presentations with Powerpoint, I would reccomend the Baloka Meeting Room by Batipi.com. They have flat monthly rates or managed event pricing.

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