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Saturday, April 29, 2006


Mark Berthelemy

Hi Josie,

This book is a really useful addition to what's already out there about the new uses of the web. It ought to be required reading for anyone designing learning programmes that make use of the internet.

Thanks for the mention in your section. I was really surprised to find myself in the list :-)

All the best,


Matt Whyndham

This is a fantastic resource to give people when they give you that WTF are you on about gaze. Downloaded and saved! Cheers.

Richard Sanders

Hi Josie

Hope everything is well in the new job! Just got sight of the doc you have been working on with everyone (a colleague passed it to me)...

All I can say is nice1!! Useful bit of paper to wave in front of a few individuals over here.

Josie Fraser

Hey Richard - great to hear from you. Glad you found it handy - there's been a few thousand downloads so I guess its a timely document!

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