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Saturday, April 15, 2006



hi! i entered the comp and i am sooo excited to c who wins! Gud look 2 evry1!!!i don't really mind if i don't win...but i guess its all just a bit of fun!!!!bye and good luck!!!!

Sadie Hogarth

Hello my name is sadie hogarth and i entered the doodle for google competition and i tried to make my entry as differnt to everyone elses so that it would stand out and my teacher chose mine to go throgh and i really hope that it gets through it doesn't have to win to make me happy but to at least get it through would make my day xx

p.s plz vote for me and i also wish everyone else the best of luck THANKYOU.

Im 11 years old xx


hi my name iz chiago i came in da top 6 in my skl and iz into da next round. i relii wnt to win dis cause it will give me a chance to show off my art to da world dis iz my oppourtunity plseplse vote for me
lots of love
nd gd luck to da other contestants


hi to every1 i entered the comp and my teacher chose my design and 5 others!!! im not bragging or owt but i was the best drawer in my class!!! :) i hope i win coz this is the chance to be a bit of a show off at art!!! i wish evry1 hu entered to do excellent and plz can u vote for me!!!

p.s. i hope i win! lol....remember...VOTE 4 ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Mason

Hiya! I entered da competition! Its amazing! I got a google bag with class stuff! I'm ragin but because i wasn't really told about the supporting statement until the last minute and mines was disastrous! Sorry! i probly wont get any further because of it but Fanx Google!!! It was a brilliant competition!


Hey i know this may sound really thick of me but i want 2 vote but i dont know where 2 vote on here its not very clear cud any 1 help me?



got it its ok no worrys :]


heya all im from st fransic westborought primary school and i enterd witha really good one im hoping that i atleast get into the 100 best ones.
im in secondary school now i go to KINGS COLLEGE! W00T W00T GO KINGS!


I thought it was really fun when I entered,and I hope I win!!!!!!!!


Did google pull it down?
The url is now a http 404.
Of all websites, I didn't expect random 404s from google...

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