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Saturday, April 15, 2006


amber burton

i think its a really cool idea who ever came up with it is very clever


It is a cool idea - the marketing people over at Google are really on the ball. It's a great way to get Google on the school map - and anything that encourages the integration of/recognises internet practice in the classroom is fine by me. Maybe they could also get a citizenship lesson or two out of Google's stance on China.


it is a great way to express ur ideas


i am in the doole google competiontion and i was just wondering if you have any tips mine is no way as that one above and i would like to make it just as good but different to that one have you got any ideas for pictures i could draw aroungd the word google


i really like doodling i doodle over my school books

Rachael walsh

I am in the Google competition and have been working hard on my design. I am looking forward to the closing date of the competition to find out who will win. All my class have taken part and if I do not win but a friend of mine does I shall be very pleased for them and my school will be very proud.


Hi everyone! Good luck to all my student readers who are taking part in the Google competition - I'll be extremely proud too if any of you win - very jealous as well, I'd love to be heading off to Googleplex!


i think it is an amazing idea to run this competition i am so glad that when i use google search engine i see unique work!!!


hello i want to say how can i enter this compertion it sounds great thanks loads for letting me send this ok bye


Hi Sharna - you have to get a teacher on board. Show them this entry or the google site - there are info packs for schools to download there: http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/events/doodle.html
Good luck!

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