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Friday, March 03, 2006


Peter Bolger

Interesting stuff. We launch our wiki project in the near future...What I Know Is...Gateshead (wikiGateshead) - a collaborative history of Gateshead from multiple vantage points (local history, culture, environment) with partners in libraryland, local schools and U3A...


Will be looking forward to it and also to catching up wth you in the near future! I see your blog workshop (http://www.gatesheadgrid.org/archives/002704.html) on the first was very popular! Hope to meet you and Sue at some point soon - will you be coming to the June conference?

Leon Cych

Yes a pork pie in certain parts of Yorkshire is called a Growler and it has been known to be used as a unit of time. e.g. one rugby match attendee to another:

Q: How long have you been here?

A: About two growlers....

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