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Monday, October 24, 2005


D'Arcy Norman

Tried to add myself a few times, but apparently Calgary isn't a valid city :-)


Why not adopt a city that is recognised? Liverpool, Milan or Tokyo are all available: You can relocate to a glamorous city without the expense. Oh wait, I forgot that's completely not the point. There are tons of you mighty Canadian edtechs! Between you I'm sure you can get Google to add Calgary. If you get a blog sticker I'll display it with pride.

Matt Whyndham

It occurs to me that the map-based view, charming as it is, ceases to become a resource once the coverage equates to, say, all UK universities. Or am I wrong?

D'Arcy Norman

It worked this morning... Trying "Calgary, Alberta (Canada)" for the city seems to have kicked in.

Rob Wall

Well done, Josie! This is quite the lovely little party/un-conference you have initiated. But I am a bit peeved that you have at least *tripled* the number of blogs I have to put on my "read ever day" list! ;^)


Thanks for writing about such a great little tool. I've already added it to my site and hope to have our little community showing off where they live.

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