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Thursday, September 15, 2005



Oh, I wish I could be there too.

I had the pleasure of visiting Birmingham a couple years back, and it's definitely an underrated city. There's some great pubs there, you should have no trouble finding a good spot for a meetup.

My favorite part of the trip: repeated visits to the Balti Triangle, that wonderful hybrid of Indian cuisine and British steel. I had some of the best -- and most fiery -- meals of my life there.


Oh man, do I wish I could join you all.


Ahh Blamb, I really wish you were coming along too. Also, that you could visit Leicester, - although Birmingham and Bradford are very good, Leicester remains home to the best UK Indian resturants and sweet shops available to human kind. Any time you're visiting - just let me know!


I was BORN in the balti Triangle... Leicester is OK but for the old burnished bowl, you're nowhere near :)

Adam Saunders

Wish that I could come. New York is a little far away.


Hey Josie, looks like the wikis died...


Nope - it's not dead, the software has just been changed which has caused some of the category urls to change slightly. The new url meetup page url is: http://www.camaban.co.uk/wiki/MeetUps

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