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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Adrian Lee

I'll see about changing the look of it slightly, away from the standard MediaWiki (it's the same software running the Wikipedia) when I get a chance too. Add in a few things to identify it a bit better :)

I guess I should post a disclaimer somewhere too. I work for a company that sells Educational Software primarily in the UK, but also internationally. The Camaban site is my own, and completely unrelated to work. I'm offering this space because I want to, not because of any alterior motives or anything, honest! I read a few education blogs, and if something looks relevant to work, I will sometimes pass it on to someone here, but it's not going to be used as any kind of advertising spot or anything.

Emma Duke-Williams

Hi Jodie
The meet at Alt-C sounds interesting - unfortunately I'm not going to Manchester, but maybe if it's popular others will be set up.

I'm also sorry to be missing Stephen's talk, as I get a lot from reading his site ... but there again, I'll be having a well earned holiday at that point in September!


Hi Emma! Sorry to hear you can make Manchester. I'd really like to run a day conference for edubloggers at some point in the next academic year, so with luck I'll see you at that if not before.

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