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Friday, May 13, 2005


James Clay

Your comment

But the Government must grasp that establishing collaborative practice and networks (especially cross institutional ones) demands high levels of resources and management to meaningfully succeed.

is very true, and I am talking from personal experience.

Having said that though collaboration requires resources and management and therefore costs money, collaboration can also save time and save money whilst making things better for the learner.

Sharing development and operational costs can offset the costs of collaboration. Sharing teaching resources can save time and cost of creation. Sharing technological solutions (such as VLEs and repositories) can also save time and money.

More money would be great and you can do more, but if there is no more money or even less money then we need to consider how we can use collaboration to work in this environment not the environment we would wish for.


Agreed James. I also think that as practitioners, while we might have to work creatively with restricted budgets (something most of us have had experience with) we should also critically respond to the political and funding frameworks we find ourselves within.

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