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Thursday, December 23, 2004



Really good summary of the event Josie and I agree, Randy Metcalfe was excellent.

The ‘Customising moving pictures and sound online’ workshop was also very good (so much so that it was oversubscribed).

Luis Carrasqueiro (Advisory Service for Moving Pictures and Sound Online, BUFVC) signposted a number of downloadable video resources and demonstrated how to use Microsoft Movie Maker to easily create movies which can be used in teaching.

It was very informative and also provided an opportunity to use the software showing how easily it could be done. His workshop summary is here: http://ferl.becta.org.uk/display.cfm?resID=8332&page=65&catID=597

I also had a good couple of days and it was very nice to meet you there!

Have a very Merry Christmas!



Cheers Theresa! I ate too much pudding.

I'm pleased to be able to post one of my colleagues’ report on the two-days. Michelle Spowage is an Assistant Librarian here at WQEIC, with special responsibility for e-resources. It was great to have her attend with me this year. She writes:

The focus of the conference was the future of personalised learning in post-16 education, and each speech and workshop was tailored to meet this central theme. The keynote speeches were interspersed by individual workshops and each delegate selected six of these to attend over the course of the two days.

Workshop Evaluations

1). Accessible Technology
Delivered by Anna Rourke, ACE Centres – North

The first workshop demonstrated a wide range of assistive technologies currently available to assist in teaching and learning for students with additional needs. The session demonstrated equipment ranging from expensive high-tech hardware and software to looking at simple low-tech changes that can be made to existing equipment. A useful workshop, this session raised awareness of the availability of hardware and software which can be purchased by FE colleges to enhance learning.

2). A little bit of what you fancy … pick and mix learning in action
Demonstrated by Virginia Havergal, Regional Learning Development Officer, South West Museums Libraries & Archives Council

This session looked at the different projects which organisations have created to offer the student a more personalised approach to learning. This was a practical session and the following websites were explored:

Birmingham Grid for Learning
Activities Index – then search by keyword multiple intelligences – select secondary version

Eight ways of knowing – multiple intelligences applied

My learning, my way

Inspiring learning for all

EVE – Everyone’s Virtual Exhibition

Making locality pay

Real Cornwall

Explorers and Collectors

Learning with digital technologies in museums, science centres and galleries

South West Museums, Libraries and Archives Council

3). Demonstrating NLN Online
Demonstrated by Dr. Leigh Fish, NLN Online and NLN Transition Manager, Becta

This new online gateway was demonstrated by the speaker showing the delegates the functionality of the resource and inviting audience questions. This resource is still being developed and is to be launched in its entirety next year. It aims to bring a wide range of authoritative resources together, from such sources as RDN, DfES and the BBC, which can be accessed via this one gateway. It enables users to search for events, communities, people and resources and offers a personalised approach by including news, bookmarks, forums and toolkits functions. The resource was impressive and will be a useful tool for searching when it is completed.

4.) Enabling people – unlocking the potential of learners and staff working together
Demonstrated by Sal Cooke, Head of TechDis & Alistair McNaught, Senior Advisor for Further Education, TechDis

This practical session was conducted by TechDis and looked at a number of programmes that can enhance the personalised experience of learning. Each delegate had the opportunity to experiment with one of these programmes. I looked at mind mapping and explored the capability of creating a personalised approach to teaching and learning. This resource would be a useful tool to use in the classroom, particularly for discussions and revision purposes.

5). Enhance your assessment opportunities with hot potatoes
Demonstrated by Cam Swift, E-learning Advisor, JISC Regional Support Centre Northern

This was a practical session which focused on the Hot Potatoes software. The capability of this software was firstly demonstrated by Cam Swift and then delegates were given the opportunity to create quizzes and crosswords of their own. This was a particularly useful session as I had the chance to learn about software which could be used in future to promote services to our students.

6). Acce-Lerator Learning Object Authoring Tool
Demonstrated by David Sugden, E-learning Development Manager, Dewsbury College

This last session focused upon the Acce-Lerator programme. Due to technical problems, only the demonstrator was able to use the software so delegates were not given the chance to explore the programme themselves. In essence, the Acce-Lerator programme performs a very similar role as the Hot Potatoes software, but with far less functionality. The demonstrator did stress that this software is in the early stages of development, but nevertheless its potential was not evident during the demonstration.

James Clay

Interesting comment about the dissemination being restricted to PowerPoint. One of my presentations used Keynote and I had to convert it for the Ferl website.

I actually meant to video my sessions to be able to stream them later, but forgot to set the camera going!

I am also thinking of converting one of my sessions into a Java applet so that it can be viewed on a mobile phone.

Of course with all this, it takes time, and Becta rely on individuals giving their time for these kind of events.

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