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Monday, November 08, 2004


Robin Good

Dear Josie,

you have my sincere apologies as I understand you find this term sexist.

I am in fact trying to be very impartial in my use of sexes and in most of my articles I try to balance out the irrefutable macho-mentality by predominantly using the female pronoun (her), instead of the generic male one (his).

I am not an English-native speaker, and to me, the word has no sex connotation at all. Master to me is both a feminine and a masculine word and that is how intended it.

You are welcome to introduce a better set of alternative terms or to point to words that do a better of job of this.

My goal when selecting this word, was to build upon the "webmaster" concept and adapt that to a new specific use.

Once again, my gentleman apologies for having touched a sweet spot.

By the way:

What do you think of the news-director role?

Pros, cons?

How would you improve it outside of its bad name?


There’s lots of gender-free terms to pick from – ace, administrator, authority, champion, chief, commander, connoisseur, controller, director, expert, guru, maestro, maven, pro or professional, skipper.

Personally I like savant or –monger. I’m keen to keep the whole -monger thing current and expanding.

Owen Stephens

How about NewsCaster - it is already used in TV/Media, is Gender neutral (as far as I know), and only requires you to change one letter :)

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