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Tuesday, April 06, 2004


David Jennings

Thanks for the kind words and the link, Josie.

What do you think of the more commercial PowerPoint Art web site?

As John Cage died in 1992, don't hold your breath for his Excel work. I suspect he was VisiCalc or SuperCalc user and kept spreadsheets of all his favourite random numbers...


Ah, but Excel was originally released for Macintosh in 1985 - I'm sure 'Cage: The early spreadsheet years' will be unearthed any day now.

Thanks for the PowerPoint Art link! I particularly enjoyed the military themed section – so many great sets to choose from, including three smiling Dubya's.

Luke Muprhy

I thought you might enjoy some PowerPoint art that I've been doing for some time (actually showing in NYC quite a bit before DB). take care



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