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May 14, 2008



what's up with The Maze?


Is it 'cos you is short?

Wish I'd been able to go now, after watching that vido. It's seeing stuff like that that makes me realise how po-faced most British bands are.


I dunno what's wrong with the Maze Chris, shouldn't have mentioned it if I can't back it up I suppose, just is a bit grim for me. Reminds me of some larey places back in Wales that I'd prefer to forget. Beer's disappointing (despite what appears to be a good selection) too.

Nothing concrete though, but I always feel a bit mumpy going there.


Notice how avoided Parttimer Eldritch's comment about my height :-)


I think the beer is good, the staff are good to us, the PA is fine, the room is a little akwardly shaped but it makes for good close-up gigs...

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