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April 11, 2008



So playing Half-Life with my seven year-old son last night is a bad idea, then? We only did the training room bit. Nobody dies or gets shot or anything, and there's no swearing. I mean, come on, it's not like he plays Wankmaster 2 on his DS or is addicted to Cooking Mama (Flaming Kebab Edition).

It's all a load of Nanny State nonsense. 'Ooo, the newspapers are ranting about the internet and video games...I know, let's find someone to write a FUCKING HUGE report with lots of BULLET POINTS and THAT, which leads to the recommendation of forming a...nother...bloody...COMMITTEE !!!'


What I liked about it was that it resisted the Daily Mail/Keith Vaz knee jerk reaction (a bit like yours I suppose not that you side with DM/KV) and said "you make your choices, maybe this can help you if you feel lost". I thought that was good and less about nanny state, more about get involved with your kids. She mentions anecdotal video game "addiction" saying it's very rare, I thought the report was actually of some use (if a little rose-tinted) whereas I feared it would be a one-eyed nightmare (excuse the phrase).

All the committee ideas while yes a nightmare were secondary to parental judgment, I liked the stuff about a "risk phobic" (my phrase) world and children's needs to take risks, seemed even handed and non-sensationalist.

We'll have to agree to differ I sense


yes, I know I'm a cant.


Don't be daft

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