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August 31, 2006



YES,Black Flag pre Rollins was much better.

i think he is a bit of a sell out.
read an interview in Thrasher mag,years ago,where he said he was glad to be on a small label as he could do exactly what he wanted.and that the likes of Springsteen(i think)could sell tonnes of albums,he was happy where he was at the moment,keepin it real fo r the real fans(paraphrasing,but that was the gist of it.)

but lo and behold ,a big label comes a knockin on hanks door,and he is down on his knees playin a tune on Satans pink trombone before you can say FUGAZI.


Well, yeah I'm kinda with you, but also Rollins really loves his publishing co (2-13-61) and his corporate cock-slurping does finance some fine stuff on that (Rollins own books are OK, Joe Cole's Planet Joe is a really good book, Bill Shield's poetry is awesome and he's really revived interest in the great Hubert Selby Jnr [writer of Last Exit to Brooklyn amongst others]). He is hilarious in live spoken word.

His own band was fine from Lifetime to Weight (maybe End of Silence, I am a bit ambiguous on Weight), but is a bit of a waste of effort now. And you can't forgive him presenting the US Scrapheap Challenge, though guiltily I love the UK one, which me and my daughter watch every week. His acting is awful, even in Jackass - the Movie.

Mixed bag. I suppose rather than Hank bashing I was trying to get across how great they were at both these points in time (i.e on "The First Four Years" period particularly with Dez and "Damaged", which is a monumental album that HR (Rollins not the Bad Brains lead singer) was a big part of.

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