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August 31, 2006





Yes indeed, I suppose my reasoning as well as that of the "violence begets violence" brigade follows post hoc thinking, if the police get these powers then they will instigate further intrusions, therefore these laws cause further intrusions. I feel that there's something amiss in the instigation of these laws despite saying that though, that there is a hidden truth, and find the fact that someone else's judgement decides what is OK for consenting adults to do an anathema. And that to mask this with a greiving mother's undersdtandable distress and need for redress is ghoulish and manipulative.

I would add that I find violence to women (or anyone for that matter) abhorrent, and find no acceptable argument in support of any non-informed non-consensual activities (not sure that makes sense but can't think of another way of putting it), but what I and my sexual partners might get up to is our business, not the feds'.


There was an old fellow of Lyme
Who lived with three wives at one time.
When asked, 'Why the third?'
He replied, 'One’s absurd,
And bigamy, sir, is a crime.'

Art Monk

"but what I and my sexual partners might get up to is our business"
does Beth know about this?


Now, my dear Monk, you have dared comment what the rest of us (well, me anyway) thought.

I would also like to know what a girl wrapped in clingfilm and rope lying in a bath is supposed to say artistically, because I am ignorant.

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