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February 04, 2006



Congrats on the half-century, my dear fellow. Please don't mention that newspaper again.

I have taken part in a school production of Bugsy as an adult (well, alright, I was actually 22. I'll be a grown-up eventually), and I didn't have any 'MiniPops' thoughts as to it being dodgy. You're right about it not being even thought of today, though - it represents an unacceptable blurring of the world of the child and the world of the adult. Although the custard pie guns are inspired, of course. That's what I remember. In the production I was in (playing guitar in the orchestra), the guns fired silly string but were adapted to fire gloop for the last performance. It was mental!


Ditto Rhian's, the chance to fling cream around is too much for all kids I think. Dick and Dom didn't invent it (only 6 weeks to go :-().


Now D & D _are_ dodgy. 'Creamy muck-muck'?

phantom fish

You've only just realised Dick and Dom are dodgy!

palmer eldritch

No, it's pretty obvious. Shouldn't be allowed.

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