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July 27, 2005



Easy - AC/DC's 'If You Want Blood...You've Got It'. It's even better than the recent Zep one 'How The West Was Won' (I'm not counting bootlegs here of course) and the opening of 'Riff Raff' is still, for me, the best example (musically) of a rock band live. The sound mix is nigh-on perfect and listening to it on headphones really does give you a sense of being there - I simply cannot play it loudly enough!

I've got a tape somewhere of Zep live in Osaka in 1971 which is a favourite of mine because the band can be heard talking to each other off-mike. After the thunderous 'Immigrant Song' / 'Heartbreaker' opening (the first twenty-odd minutes of the 3-hours-plus set - this is Zep we're talking about here), Page can be heard saying "I can't play ... my legs won't do what I tell 'em to ..." Bonham also disappears at one point and Plant leads the crowd in a series of chants to get him back onstage ("Common complaint in Osaka - rice in hair" being one Plantism which surfaces during this). The sound quality of the music and crowd noise is great (although the crowd sounds far away) but it isn't my top live album because, as a bootleg, it drops out in the middle of some songs and misses others out altogether. Although that might be my cheapo tape copy.


This is more bleddy like it Gilbert. Enough of you ill-informed penny farthing centred ramblings.

Ramones "It's alive," The Fall "Part of America Therein"


Yeah I was umm-ing and ah-ing about "It's Alive", but it goes on a bit for me, I'd play their first album by preference. Should mention that the ones I mentioned as being good, in addition to being my fave live albums, were probably the best albums by those bands IMO, so Fall miss out there too.

Can't comment on the AC/DC one Palm, but I did buy it in the 80s and all 3 copies I got were jumpy, so never really played it. Dunno if it'd be the best AC/DC album (I'd go for Highway to Hell for that I think, not heard much by them though). 3 Hours of Led Zep, bloody hell, purgatory! (lights blue touchpaper and retires).


I'm not going to rise to it (I've done enough of that already today). Given the price of big gig tickets these days, the fact that the bands concerned play for about an hour is atrocious! I went to see the Strokes play in Cardiff and they did about 65 minutes from a ticket price of thirty quid - support was British Sea Power who did about half that and the wait between the two bands was an hour and a half. Although I can't really complain because I didn't pay for my ticket...


And what about Kiss Alive?

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