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April 13, 2008


Having "Rainer Werner Fassbinder" tattooed would need me a great amount of skin!
I'd rather go for a "Mario Bava" tattoo, hoping that people wouldn't mistake it with his uninteresting (to say the least) son "Lamberto Bava".
Ciao Josie, I'm so happy that "A girl and a gun" has new updates!

Ah Luca, lovely to have you over here again. Art may sometimes demand fleshy real estate - you could always go for Fassbinder in bracelet form :) Bava Senior is a fantastic choice though. We should go get drunk & tattooed next time you're in the UK.

I've never been a fan of John Water's films, but do remember very clearly a short "filler" interview thingie he did for some pop-movie magazine, wherein he described the frisson of excitement that he gets whenever a character in a movie or TV show says the title of that film or show.

It stuck in my head, because I get the exact same feeling! I don't know why, mind... I just do.

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