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August 23, 2007


The tiny, tiny bits of this I've seen looked quite fun.

I was at some software conference in July, and spent the night in a 'posh for Manchester' hotel, with various movie channels in the room. They were showing this one on one of them, and I could watch about a minute of it before the screen went blank to be replaced with an ad about how I can watch the rest for £10 or something. I balked at that, but realised that if I turned the channel over, and then back again, I'd get another 20 seconds or so, mute, before the ad re-appeared.

I'm embarrassed to say I kept this up for about 20 minutes, more than long enough for me to get my fill of this.

So you've already seen 40 minutes, and as I said the script doesn't add a huge amount. Your version may may well have been the superior one Terry. The bits where he wraps the chain around himself are pretty good, slightly comedy/fetish. You probably caught at least one of those. Well done for passing the time and saving yourself a tenner.

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