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September 11, 2006


F*cking hell what made you watch this????? or was it an acid flashback, in which case why the preponderance of mulleted dickheads.

You should add that Echo & the Bunnymen's version of "People are Strange" is not something they'll trumpet too loudly on their CV. And I really like them on the whole.

Does not one of the "Frog Brothers" have a particulalry messy drug habit/rehab/remission (repeat to fade)????

Considering that since Lost Boys, Dianne Wiest has been nominated for three Oscars and won two of them, I think she's done pretty damn well.

On of the Frog Brothers has a particularly thin CV, so drug addiction would at least explain what he’s been doing with his time for the last three decades – although it’s a mystery how he can afford such an expensive hobby. Child wanted to watch ‘something scary’ ‘like Hellboy’ and unfortunately Lost Boys was the best NTL on demand had to offer.

I’m just not a Woody Allen fan Joseph, I guess that explains my dismissiveness.

Echo & the Bunnymen's 'version' of 'People are Strange' is actually on their new 'Greatest' 'Hits' compilation. ( I saw this on an advert) It isn't any worse than the 'original' is it? Although I do think The Doors would have been a halfway decent band if they had devised little synchronised dances to go with their songs, kinda like the Macarena. Please try it at your next working class family wedding disco.

Don't start me on the bloody Doors. No it's better than the original I think, but fails (for me) on 2 counts 1) the original is pretty ordinary and 2) it doesn't do anything new with the song it's just a straight retread. For me a good cover has to be a good song to start with (or maybe a really awful one also works and also an obscure one [though that can work just because you don't recognise it and think it's an original]) that gets destroyed or done in a way that renders it unrecognisable but still brilliant. Bongwater were great at covers.

Having said all that I really like Nick Cave's Kicking Against The Pricks covers album and he does most of those pretty straight so what do I know (very little, trust me)?

I like Johnny Cash's versions of Bird on a Wire and The Mercy Seat, and all he does is be Johnny Cash covering some songs. That's enough for me.

But I understand what you're saying.

His version of "Hurt" (is it called that???), the NIN/Trent Reznor song anyway, is really good too. Suppose his voice singing is an alteration of anybody else's song. "30 days just for picking flowers" you could make a table out of that voice.

I suppose my love of the Bunnymen meant I was really disappointed by the song choice and the version they came up with is all.

Can I also add that Paris Hiton covering Do You Think I'm Sexy? is the worst cover version ever?? It made me yearn for late 70s Rod Stewart. Well it didn't but there was temptation there.

Lost boys rules!! shut up

Short and sweet lost boys fan. But I'm sure you must have some opinion on cover versions. Dig deep.

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