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September 13, 2006


I agree with you about Cochrane's lip, it was very big.

I had an inkling halfway through the film that there was some profundity to be found there. That, if I concentrated hard enough and scraped away the layers of mediocrity I might find something of worth. But, after a while I concluded that I'd probably be better off reading the book.


This isn't to say that the book itself is deeply profound, but it’s an interesting and funny account of drug abuse, paranoia, and the recovery industry.

Yes, do read the book. And FWIW I think it is profound - Dick's most personal work of fiction and pretty close to the world as it is now.

You don't think VALIS is more personal? I think Scanner is more in the social commentary camp.

Difficult to say, I suppose, as he put so much of himself into everything he wrote - even the short stories seemingly tossed off in a few days.

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