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October 02, 2005


Dear Ms Fraser,

I wish to you to task about your review concerning the film "The Wild Thornberry's" where as I have to admit you naivety about this whole genre has some charm there are some glaring errors in your review that make it unpalatable to the more discerning children's DVD viewer. For example you fail to notice the films damning commentary of the exploitation of Jamaican bananas farmers and make virtually no reference to the comedy genius of Donny and his monkey noises. These in themselves I could forgive but to criticise the shaman who gave freely of his magical powers to try and bring balance to the world, well this is virtually unpardonable. If you are going to set yourself up as a movie "expert" please take the time to gain a full appreciation of all of a films finer nuances before you bury you hatchet in its celluloid.


Peter Dickson esq

Don't upset Loughborough ... step away ...

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