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October 21, 2005


I kinda like this movie - i like the idea of a world where genteel, somewhat impoverished middle-class young ladies aren't really that bothered that their potential boyfriends are quite obviously serial killers, not even accidental ones. Although it is a little rough on the not-so-middle class ladies.

Mark - that's a kinda Germanic name, no? - is the son of a psychologist, psychologists are all German - maybe Austrian - it's a well known fact. What worries me a little more than his accent is the shade of his foundation.
I had a thing for anthony perkins as a child, not for mr Boot's Comestic Counter 1983 here...

I really like it when he asks the investigating psychologist if his condition (some weird, killing version of scopophilia) is curable, and the guy says "Oh yes - a complete cure is possible in two to three years" and Mark is crest fallen because he can't be bothered to wait that long. In the real world he would have taken the cure and then lived off the money he got from sueing the phychologist when it failed to work.

I walk through Newman Passage every day where it was filmed and often think of that mirror on the camera. That was soo ingenious and chilling.


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