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May 15, 2005


I didn't come out feeling that rush, either but I still thought it was a well made and entertaining version of the story. After the opening musical number with the dolphins I was dreading what was to follow but thankfully it was far from a Hollywood pile-up (I forgot about the Python reference until the end). The new plotline fitted well.

I thought all the characters were well done. If I had to pick a weak one I'd say Martin Freeman's Arthur, but that would be being picky - he's meant to be a spod. Both Trillian and Zaphod were improvements on the TV series, I thought. Alan Rickman's Marvin improved as the film progressed - initially I thought he didn't sound dejected enough. Ford was cool but not too cool, which is as it should be.

My second picky-picky would be Stephen Fry as the book - his delivery is a bit too fluid for my liking. But then that's because, for me, Peter Jones embodies the voice of the Guide so well that anyone else would be second best!

I can't beleeeeeeeeve you'd have a go at the lovely Sandra Dickinson.

Shocked and saddened of Leicester

At no point does Adams state that Trillian is shiny, squeaky and made from plastic.

Mmmmmmmmmm plastic

So, a Sandra Dickinson 'Real Doll' for you for Christmas, then?

I only have one pair of trousers, and now they're all messy.

You need to go get a blog Gilbert. Your own.

He is his own community.

The giraffe is my natural predator!

Oh I see. I'll go then.

You are so lucky, boys, not having to indulge with the spanish dubbing of this not-that-interesting thing. If characters are yet a bit underdefined and overacted by themselves, with spanish terrible dubbing they are just exhasperating and frustrating in their intention of being funny. One might say all the movie "please shut up".

English version (I always try to listen the original version, even in corean or japanese movies) is better, but not really exciting. I agree, I preffer the series.

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