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January 22, 2005


Excellent and thanks for the loan of the vid! Tony Wilson described himself as a wanker but does he _really_ think that? Amazing that in the globalised, neutered media-vomit world we live in that someone like MES can still exist and produce stuff.

Agreed it was a good romp (had it on video for 3 weeks before I watched it), Smith is such a cokc though, what does his sexy Eastern European wife see in him?...Ohhhhhh I see. Tony Wilson is such a cnut, see Deborah Curtis's biography of Ian Curtis and Joy Division for "proof". Hope the film of that book doesn't cop out. I thought it was just me thought Paul Morley was ok (never thought I'd type/say that). Still suspect they're getting stronger by returning to their pseudo-rockabilly roots. Brix pah! Friend Martin loves her also.

I'm wondering if it is possible to buy/obtain a dvd, vhs or copy of The Fall documentary recently aired on BBC4. I live in California and unfortunatly the only BBC I get is BBC America. Any help/information would be appreciated. I like The Fall, alot. Does anyone know the name(s) of the filmaker(s)? Thanks, Brent Fellows

I've got a copy kicking around somewhere - is it at your house Palmer?

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