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July 01, 2004


i should say that eXistenZ (ok I can't remember where the silly capitals go) is kinda cheeky with the anal penetration thing, although, slightly bizarrely it's meant to be about salman rushdie?

maybe it's a jude law thing rather than cronenburg gettin all comfortable an seaside postcard-ish with it.

do you think he minds being replaced by Thierry Henry an (allegedly) justin timberlake as the fella most straight men would like to get with?

surely there's someone else as i am a little behind the times

my next comment won't be about ass sex, i promise

Good to have you back Lee! And why stop now?

1.You are eminently the most qualified person (and not just the most qualified reading this blog) to comment on anal sex.

2.I get the majority of my google traffic from people with no interest in movies but with an astonishing ability to put two or three innocent-ish words together to invent new and frankly pornographic niche interests/activities.

But also - don't just feel confined to the ass area.

And speaking of Cronenburg's obsession with penetration, I've had a quick trawl of the interweb looking for images of those most effective medical instruments belonging to the Mantle twins from Dead Ringers ("Eww! Aren't women's bodies weird!"), but to no avail.

Have you had any better luck?

No Luck either Terry. I have the search skills of a faux-librarian but they did me no good. Loads of refs, the funniest of which was this from Amazon:

"... -Jeff Shannon Description In Dead Ringers, David Cronenberg tells the chilling story
of identical twin gynecologists-suave Elliot and ... $25 Off Tools & Hardware. ... "

although someone called gauntgirl's comment that "In David Cronenberg's film Dead Ringers, the case for Canadian identity is convoluted at best", was a pretty close second.

Maybe one of the readers who only gets here by accident after inserting their favorite unhealthy pass time into google's orifice can mail me some?

Surely a huge gap in the market there.

Suddenly everything I write seems slightly obscene.

Just off to give Ebay a check...

In reference to your July 1 2004 comment:

If Todd Lincoln gets a chance, I am sure you will be amazed by what he is capable of. If you get a chance check out Leave Luck to Heaven.

-Michael Walsh

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