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Thursday, February 16, 2006


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Something I noticed when visiting the BETT show last January, was how everyone and their grandmother, not only were interested in e-Portfolios, but also had quite different ideas on what they actually were. e-Portfolios are so hot at the moment, that ... [Read More]

» Weekly Roundup (19 February 2006) from mrbelshaw.co.uk/teaching
It's Sunday, so it's time for this week's roundup of things I've found interesting or useful in the world of education this week, including three items from the Times Educational Supplement (TES) and three from other EduBlogs I'll start with n... [Read More]

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The EdTechUK blog presents an e-Portfolio roundup (containing several nice links and reflections) Theres a frenzy of e-Portfolio related activity in the UK at the moment. Ive picked out some recent highlights but this list i... [Read More]



Great summary! Thanks for the links, especially the Auricle article -- excellent stuff.

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