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October 24, 2006



So the film is an attempt to get some sympathy for her? Good grief. What next? 'Adolf Hitler - He Loved His Dog' ??


No that's probably overstating it. It does try and refute some of the Marie urban myths, well the "let them eat cake" one anyway which was more about propaganda than actual spoken fact by most accounts. It does try to be more realistic about maybe why a young cosseted ruler, esconced at Versailles, is so ignorant of their subjects' plight. I just think you could come to that conclusion (i.e. "poor Marie") if you were ignorant of the extreme poverty and continued high taxation that led the peasants to revolt. She was just a niaive, spoilt, silly girl who happened to represent an obscene institution exploiting unseen underlings. Any ruler could have been offed for those crimes, but it was her.


So she was chopped for being rich and thick? I wonder why that doesn't happen these days...

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