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April 19, 2008


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Wasn't Smith in 24 Hour Party People As Himself ?

I thought I'd capitalise every word there, just to be different.

Toby Kebbel is a great actor, he was really good in Dead Man's Shoes and the short (about wrestling) that was released with it. Odd that his brother in DMS was played by Paddy Considine, who played Rob Gretton in 24 Hour...

Re MES, from memory didn't he appear in 24 Hour..., but not as MES, just as a shambolic bystander (a part he was born for)?

Will Smith As Himself would have been great in 24 Hour Party People! If only it had occured to anyone. Mark E (& Howard Deveto) are both in there, hanging around as dodgy looking onlookers, but not As Themselves.

I'd completely forgotten that Kebbel played the mentally challenged brother in Dead Men's Shoe's. Although it's nice to imagine that if fate hadn't treated Anthony differently he would have grown up to turn into Rob Gretton.

I'm off to see Somers Town next weekend. Somewhat worryingly, IMDB suggests that if I enjoy it I'll also relish Love Actually and a dodgey looking straight-to-video called Jesus.

Shane-tastic!!!!!! Let me know what Somerstown is like, v keen on Mr Meadows' work, and not just because he's a Notts fan.

But Coogan / Wilson says "Hello Mark" to him doesn't he? Obviously too complicated to give him a different name as well as having him in the film in the first place!

It's probably not too difficult for the script writers. It's probably too much for Mark E.

Must check if he has his teeth in next time I see the fillum. That's always a good sign whether he's compos mentis.

lol you have more faith in any Mark E. Smith weather vein of sanity than I'll ever be able to muster.

Flik called a student a "male slag" this morning, afraid I couldn't stop myself shrieking "Male Slags-ah!!!!!!!" It's like bloody Tourettes.

There must be an actual medical condition that consists of involuntary Mark E Smith inflections. I know I'm prone to it. Uh.

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