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August 03, 2005


Another A1 review J, totally agree with your final paragraph, but would say that Juliette Lewis was top notch jail bait (god I'm so seedy) in the remake, bad as it was, and shows what could have been done with the role. Also have a bit of a thing about Jessica Lange in the remake too, I'm sooooo sugary.

Compare and contrast Mitchum with deNiro's laughable performance in the remake. And people say he's (Bob deN) great.

IMDb lists the original under "Titles" and the remake under "Popular Titles", which shows what they know (excellent resource though it is).

Juliette Lewis was good in the remake, but the age of the girl playing the part in this version made Max Cady even more scarey. Jessica Lange is the weird missing link to this weeks veiwing - her middle name is Phyllis, she was in the remake of Cape Fear and also a remake of the Postman Always Rings Twice - the the same story Ossessione came from. Can't get the nasty picture of her, the flour and Jack Nicholson out of my head now...yuck.

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