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February 10, 2005


While in France last week I managed to see the last movie of Takeshi Kitano. In france the movie is released under the name "Blood and Bones". Japanese movie from Yoichi Sai(2004). In the summer of Paris it is difficult to find something heavier and more touching than the feeling of the sun. Yoichi Sai's movie managed this perfectly well. Blood and Bones is one of these rare movie which live you choked, nearly physicaly Knock out. Starting the story on the simple base of a man remembering his childhood, the movie quickly hit a wall: the violence of his father. Being told the story of 70 years of Korean's migration to Japan the spectator doscover quickly that the memory of the principal character has been damaged by the the animal behaviour of his dad. Takeshi is monumental of bestiality and anger, absorbing and destroying any attempt from his family to simply exist and live. Killing their moments of happiness and their efforts to understand the origins of his behaviour. Basing the story within the square of a few houses and keeping a fast rythme, Yochi Sai managed with great power to make us contemplate the paine and horror of a life in compagny of a monster, leaving us gasping for oxygen. I know you love Takeshi's work. You will watch this film more than once and certainly discover something new that you like everytime. Take care.

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